About Sam… 

This is a Season 8 Sam account, so going on from canon, Sam has just lost his brother to purgatory.  The character is AU from that point on.  Sam continued hunting on his own, he never met Amelia.  He has no idea where Dean is or how to go about looking for him.

He’s just keeping up the Family Business…

Saving People. 

Hunting Things.

I do not have ‘dedicated’ players for other SPN characters (i.e. No Cas, no Dean etc, but if you’re interested, lemme know).

There will be NSFW things on this blog - this is your one and only warning…

Other than that, jump right on in, it’ll be great to rp with y’all!

OOC Info…

This is a Sam Winchester RP account for salt-and-burn rp;

I track the tag ‘thebeautifulmindbrother’ so if you want to leave something for me, I’ll find it there!

There may be NC-17 content on this blog; I will always use ‘readmores’ and tag content with trigger warnings if/when appropriate if you wish to Tumblr saviour or skip these posts
If Sam’s ever a dick to you (which let’s face it, could happen) that’s just the muse speaking, not his mun.  Who is nice really.  Mostly.  Kinda.  ;)

Saying that - if any post ever makes you (as a player) uncomfortable about anything, please let me know - I’m more than happy to edit or retract a post at anytime. 
If you ever see me replying to things and not you, it’s either because I’m getting to it, or have spazzed out completely and missed a post.  So please, please, feel free to give me a poke at any time.

I try to tag everything, all paras will be on my thread tracker… Convos will most likely be tagged with your URL (just look under insomniumnox.tumblr.com/tagged/yoururl for replies).
Ships, content etc.  I’m a multi shipper - I ship all the things and pretty much anything goes with me.  If paras naturally evolve into something more ‘intimate’ then I’m comfortable writing smut (and I’m over 18, so no worries there but I won’t rp anything NSFW with anyone under 18 (this includes smut or anything with vivid descriptions of violence, gore etc.)  Sorry, but this is a rule with me).  That being said Sam won’t just hop into the sack with anyone - it has to at least be a logical progression of a thread - or to feel at least chemistry with that character.  { I do have a couple of OTP’s but I’ll save them for another time ;) }
Also, if you’re out there, following and ever want to start anything, then my ask box is open.
Annnd, that’s about it.

Love from,



Mun notes…

If you want more details on how I play my version of Sam, feel free to check out the headcanons which will be added to as we go…

Roleplaying with Sammy;

I will only rp with people within the Salt and Burn group (apologies to indie rp’ers, but I also have an indie account, and if you’d like info on that, feel free to shoot me an ask). 

I always read a characters about page/bio and any headcanons posted before roleplaying with them, but I’m human and might forget things, so feel free to give me a nudge if there’s anything off about a post or it doesn’t fit with your canon about something.

If you like to plot, then I’m all for it, though I tend not to do anything to a ‘very detailed’ script.  I like the surprise of seeing where threads lead and most of the time, I just write on the spur of the moment.  However, if there’s an outline of direction or, if there’s any kind of endgame or particular plot you want to let me in on, feel free to shout up.

Time… I have a full time job - I’m a 9-5’er Monday to Friday - and I’m on GMT.  So the majority of my posts will be in the evenings or on weekends.  I try to reply to everything in the order they’re posted, but I might slip a few shorter posts between the long ones.  And sometimes my muse just responds more to certain threads than others.  Please don’t be offended if I don’t reply immediately.  I’m probably figuring out which direction to take our thread in.

I don’t drop threads… But sometimes the moose can be an awkward muse, and RL gets in the way of rp.  If you’re waiting for a post that you think I’ve missed, feel free to gimme a poke.  Sending a reminder to my ask is not annoying or bugging me.  You have no idea how gleeful I am when I see that little red flag on my ask box.  Just - send me stuff, okay?  Okay.

However - constant ‘hints’ or asks or reminders when you know I have your reply drafted does become a little annoying - I’m sorry, but I’m just trying to be honest here.  If I’ve got your reply in my drafts I’ll let you know ~ Other than that, your reply can be found on the CONVO or PARA  pages.

I love writing drabbles, so feel free to send me a prompt at any time, or ask for a headcanon on something.  There are plenty of those… Yep.

I write my own themes, so if you would ever like a custom theme for your character, or need any help with CSS or HTML, then feel free to gimme a poke!

I also futz about on photoshop from time to time - you can see some of my stuff here, and am more than happy to take requests for gifs/icons/manips, etc.  If you want something or have a prompt, just shout up. 

Any questions… My ask is open.

Finally - on the subject of godmodding or referencing my character in paras with others;

One thing that is a pet hate with me is people making up canon for my character on my behalf. 

Please don’t do that? 

I wouldn’t dictate to you about any of the characters you play, or how you choose to play them, so I would also appreciate it if you would not do this for my character either. 

Basically - unless it’s on the dash and we’ve rp’d it, or it’s part of set show canon from before the beginning of the rp, then as far as both Sam and I are concerned - it didn’t happen. 

This has happened to me in the past and I have had to force a reply to fit those assumptions and write unnecessary paras of stuff to try to jam my character into the things others have decided for him.

As much as I LOVE reading the dash, sometimes I can’t keep up with every post - so if Sam has suddenly supposedly said or done something according to you and I’m left clueless, then it’s not going to make for very good continuity.

If you wish to metagame or godmod, then that’s up to you.  But please do not involve my character while you are doing so.

If I trust you as an rp’er and we have rp’d for a while, (either within this rp, or at some point in the past) then I’m more than happy to loosen the reins a little - it means you know how I play Sam and I trust you to know how he would react, what he would or would not say…

But until then, please, just - don’t. 

TL:DR - Please don’t make assumptions about my character, their actions or what they do.  If you’re unsure about something, my ask box or the ooc is there and I’m more than happy to clarify things at any point.